Throat Blog — Take This Dog for a Walk


Busier day, today. Speech Therapist came by and helped me get started with the electrolarynx. I need a lot of practice, and am still reaching for the keyboard as my first reflex to communicate, but will work on that. You cannot really reproduce sibilants (s sounds). Count from one to ten…I get stuck at six, which has sibilants at both ends. And, it is difficult to reproduce hard letter sounds (d, k, p, t). Because of the bandages and wraps on my neck, I can’t press the unit to my neck. I have to use an adapter that is basically a straw that goes into my mouth…which also interferes with making words.

But, on the road to “talking” a little faster.

Both of my surgeons came by. The first was the one responsible for removing the tumor. He agrees that we are pretty much done for now. He passed on that he had consulted with my radiation oncologist and they are in consensus to not do additional radiation. I may do some additional chemo, but will see once I get discharged. He also said that it would probably do me some good to walk outside. I agreed, but reminded him that I was told that is against hospital rules.

The second surgeon, the one responsible for the grafts, flaps, and my continuing care for this visit also came by. Agreed that a walk would do me good and actually put it into my orders. I had offered that I could restrict to walking with a visitor. But, just heard that I can walk out on my own at any time to walk the park in front of the hospital. I just have to promise to come back. She also said that it is possible I could get out by the end of the week, but it entirely depends on whether my fistula had closed. Could be longer.

Sorry to cut this short, but I’m going to go for a walk.

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