Throat Blog — Tentative Parole Hearing on Sunday


When the doctor came around this morning, she removed the last of the tubes used to irrigate the neck leaks. If nothing looks bad tomorrow (redness, unusual swelling, etc), then I should be released on Sunday. Sunday marks Day 35. I am soooo ready to kick this place.

Meanwhile, I’ve been released by all the therapy teams here at the hospital (physical, occupational, and speech). I have not really talked about the speech therapy. Basically, they give me sentences to try to say using the electrolarynx. Overall, I have been disappointed in it, as it sounded much better before the surgeries. But, I’m still not able to use it under chin. Using the tube is always worse, I am told. So, once the wrap comes off and the swelling goes down, should get better.

But, it will never be my voice. And I will never be quick to be understood. Here is me and my voice before all of this. Another thing I won’t be able to do, again.

I get frustrated by not being able to immediately interject or respond. Some will say that is a good thing. 🙂 In fact, since I can’t talk, women say that makes me that much closer to being a perfect man.

Well, the coffee with breakfast is not doing its job. Still fighting falling asleep at 9 am (but fighting to go to sleep at 9 pm). Think I will go downstairs and soak in some rays before it gets too very hot.

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