Throat Blog — The Beast Stays Dead


Good news, this morning, from the biopsy results. The nodule (bon-bon) in my neck is not cancer. Not sure what made it swell up, but going to treat with steroids and antibiotics and watch.

Meanwhile, I’ve got another day or so at least with NG tube feeding. I think the plan still is to switch to a smaller inner cannula on my trach tube so that I can breath/cough/swallow around it and return to normal eating. Will need to be evaluated, first, but since I had relatively minor (as long as I could cough) aspiration issues, I’m pretty hopeful that that plan can carry through.

They did move me back off of the ICU floor. At 2 AM. Ugh. So, I got maybe 2 hours sleep last night. Don’t come to the hospital for a good rest, you won’t get it. I suspect I’ll do a little less work and a little (lot) more napping, today.

Speaking of a nap…

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