Throat Blog — Tonight I’m Gonna Party Like its 1699

Went back to the OR, today, for what ended up being a 4 hour followup procedure. Had great blood flow into both sides of my new neck. But, only the right side had adequate outflow. Ir seems that I have very small veins. So, they tried to improve flow the new-fangled way, and were partially successful. But, not successful enough. So, read the title of this post. The old-fashioned way is a good leaching. That’s right, every hour I get a leach put on my neck to drain out the excess blood. Will do this for a couple of days until the area grows its own vein system adequate to handle the volume.

Meanwhile, I’ve got IVs and monitors on both hands, making it nearly impossible to type. So, keeping this short and probably updates not often for a few days. Adding a few extra days in ICU, but I get a full=time exclusive nurse while the leaching is going on.

That is it for a while. Maybe again tomorrow night.

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