Throat Blog — Treatments Over


Well, last Friday I finished up radiation, so now just counting down to the end of January, when I'll have a PET scan that will tell us if any live tumor is left. Meanwhile, all of my cancer care team have told me that I'll continue to feel worse for about 10 days and will then rapidly start to feel much better.

This weekend my cough got much worse. Even being on scopalomine and Sudafed, I have to frequently clear my throat, which entails me making a horrible throat noise and sometimes results in me gagging. Not a sound I want to inflict on anyone else, so I skipped a friends birthday dinner on Saturday and basically sat around the house all weekend.

Monday, upped the ante by adding an extremely raw throat to the mix. I did go into the office for a little while, but really only because I had a 1pm appointment to get IV hydration and it is easier to go from the office than drive from the house.

Tuesday my throat was a little better pain-wise,  but got very little sleep so I worked from the house. Same thing, today, except the sore throat is very sore again. I'll leave in a little while to go to swallow study…and I have no idea how I'm going to swallow anything. Even just taking my nightly meds caused me to choke and gag.

I'm really hoping that since the sore throat / cough was one of the last side-effects to appear that they will be one if the first to disappear. No scientific basis for that, thought…just a really intense hope.

For Thanksgiving I'm invited to several places to go watch other people eat turkey with all the fixings. If my throat will cooperate, I'll go…but if it is still this bad, I'll spend it in self-quarantine at my house.

So, I'm really looking forward to November 28 (the 11th day after treatment ended). I'm expecting to able to really eat starting in early- to mid-December. My nutritionists have given me a transitional diet…I'll start with clear liquids for a while before transitioning to fully solid foods. I've never looked forward to Jello quite as much as I am right now.

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