Throat Blog — Up All Night


One good thing about blending “real” food to put into the g-tube is that I get a broad range of macronutrients that formula does not provide. It also is much easier on my digestive system. One bad thing is that, in order for the meal to be thin enough to drip from the gravity bag, I have to put in a lot of water. A lot of water just a couple of hours before bed time is a formula for having to get up every hour to pee.

My throat/neck has been hurting enough this past week that most nights I also add a pain pill to my final watery nightcap of the evening. This helps me get to sleep, but isn’t so strong that it keeps me from waking up when I need to. Problem is, it wears off around 2 am and tends to leave me very restless for a while. So, about time I no longer need to get up every hour to pee, I can’t go back to sleep because of the restlessness. I’ve been just giving in and reading for an hour or so, then going back to sleep.

But, that means I’m getting only 2-3 quality hours of sleep a night. That is really catching up with me. I get very sleepy in the afternoons at work. Not conducive to working…but we are preparing to move offices, so I can get up and start moving around, packing things for a bit to stay awake. I just can’t do that for long, though, as I get pretty tired pretty quickly.

The first few days in the hospital should be free of some of these issues. For one thing, I’m sure I’ll be back on formula, so the excess water situation won’t exist. And, even if it did exist, I’ll be sporting a catheter for at least a few days, so I won’t have to wake up to go even when I need to.

Packing for my incarceration is about done. Packing my office is about done. I should leave some more tasks undone so I have something constructive to do this weekend. The only fretting I should be doing is on the guitar.

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