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Ok, played with the CT scan data files at lunch and made a picture of my larynx cartilage in 3D. The image is rough-ish, as I don’t really know how to use the software all that well.

First, here is an illustration of the normal larynx.

Here is what I extracted from the CT scan data, just the front portion of the larynx and only the cartilage/bone shows. Soft tissue, skin, etc does not appear on this view.

From that you can see that the Hyoid bone is fine and the Cricoid cartilage is also fine (it looks rough because of my poor CT navigation skills). But, much of the Thyroid cartilage is missing. So, at the very least, the remaining Thyroid Cartilage needs to be removed and that area repaired. Whether more needs to be done depends on how nasty the tumor itself is and whether it has spread into any of the other cartilage.

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  1. Paul , you can do it ! Others in the radio industry have gone through what is planned for you , and are once again active marketing RADIOS !

    So keep us all in the loop a rooooo . We are here for you , and your cat says GET BACK soon !

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