Throat Blog — Waiting to Swallow

Early morning rounds by the residents: complete an esophagram to see if there is any saiiva leaking from my mouth/throat into my neck (fistula). Depending on those results, my admitting doctor will decide if I go home or not. But, other than knowing that that test will happen today, I have no idea what time. So, here I wait, again .

Meanwhile, gut issues are better. No more water jets! Still lots of borborygmus and a little bloat, but much better than the last couple of days.

They expect to take at least half of my 60 chest staples out, today. They might take them all out…they’ve been in for 11 days. And, they might upgrade me to pureed foods (which is what I eat at home while on the g-tube).

So, right now I’m up, dressed, hungry (cannot eat until the test), and ready to get out of here. Let’s get this show on the road!

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