Throat Blog — And Another Procedure


The surgeon came by and looked at the results of the CT scan. While the right side leak is bigger, the left side leak goes closer to a major vein. So, tomorrow she’s going to put me under and put in a drain. She’ll also check to see if there is anything she should do to close up the right side, some, but she’s really not too worried about that as long as I can keep it irrigated.

As far as getting out of here, that means that I’ve got at least “several days.” My experience has been that they never let me go on the weekend, so I expect to be here until at least Monday.

Good news on the talking front, though. After having to use my laptop and phone to type out what I want to say for 3 weeks, my electrolarynx will be delivered to my house, tomorrow. Hopefully, someone can rush it over here. I am eager to be able to start training on it so that I can communicate faster.

And, good news on the food front. The surgeon has OK’d moving to a pureed diet, which is basically what I do at home. Too late to get more robust food, tonight, so I’m subsisting on cream of rice, cream of tomato soup, vanilla pudding, and a carton of milk all shaken up so that it is thin enough to go into the G-tube. Only 540 calories, though. I’ve got my eye on the pot roast for lunch tomorrow with green beans and squash. Ok, now I’ve made myself drool…gotta go clean up.

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